There Is Evil Cabal Among Church Leaders– Apostle Johnson Suleman

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General Overseer of Omega Fire International Ministry (OFM), Apostle Johnson Suleman has revealed the reasons he refused to join big men of God clique (Cabal).

Apostle Johnson Suleiman

The Philanthropist and Book writer clergyman said he will not be part of any clique (Cabal), where their purpose is to destroy people.
Read his Words below:

“The reason why so many people have become slaves to men is because they are expecting men to make them. Someone said to me, do you know one of the reasons why anytime there is an issue about you, it trend?

It’s because you have refused to join the clique of big men of God. He said, if I joined their clique, they know how to handle such matters and that I’m walking solo. I said to him, for friendship I can make it but for clique, I’m not interested.

The clique where you sit down and all you’re discussing is how to pull down one pastor and how to close one person’s mouth. It is God that makes men, stop dancing around people to make you,” Apostle Suleman added.

Johnson Suleiman

The Apostle further went on to stress that he wanted to be source of encouragement to the next generation of men of God hence, his refusal to join the Evil Clique.

“My life is an encouragement to young pastors who are coming up. Get to that point in your life where you’re not intimidated. I don’t live my life to impress anybody. I don’t live my life to make anybody to feel good. Only God can make man. Stop dancing around people thinking you can be make by them. Only God can genuinely make a man. Stop trying to impress people, it is unnecessary. When God want to bless you, he will put your issue in the heart of men, people that didn’t know you,”.

Apostle Suleiman went on to conclude that some pastors envied him because they don’t know the source of his wealth. “A Pastor told somebody who is close to me. He said, when they are done with what they have planned for me, I will not preached again. They said I’m arrogant and their biggest concern is how I get money, that’s my problem with them. So, they are worried. They are not worried how souls are led to God. Even though God is a pay master. So, when I see things and I hear things like that. I just lift my hands before God. To the Lord who is my helper and I will not fear what man can do to me,”.

Apostle Suleiman’s church does not shy away from controversies, but this revelation is not far away from the truth since we know of so many pastors that are more controversial than him but will never have their cases trending online.

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