Reno Omokiri, the Buhari tormentor, tormenting Buhari with the truth again.

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Reno Omokiri, a Nigerian writer and pastor in the USA has been hitting the president of the country harder with bitter truths on his social media handle.

He wrote: General Muhammad Buhari promised to take Nigeria to the next level. But look at what’s happening in Nigeria?

He added that:

The naira is now officially #410 to $1. At the parallel market it is now #500 to $1, now they want to increase fuel and electricity. A man earning a minimum wage cannot afford a bag of rice with his monthly salary. Adding that is this next level or next devil?

Reno also posted recently on the president’s plan for ranches nationwide.

“I don‘t understand General Muhammadu Buhari‘s plans for ranches nationwide. How is that the business of the Federal or any government? What is so special about herdsmen that FG has to buy land and build ranches for them?

Why should public monies go into private businesses? If herdsmen want ranches, it should not be the business of the Federal Government to use public funds to buy and develop ranches for them. If herders want land for ranching, then they should either buy land, or go to Sambisa to fight and dispossess Boko Haram of their land.

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