Preacher claims how she “saw the body of T.B. Joshua and Bishop Idahosa in hellfire crying” – (Video)

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A Nigerian Female preacher claims to have journeyed through hellfire and allegedly saw late pastor and senior prophet T.B. Joshua and Bishop Idahosa suffering and crying in Hell.

According to the video trending of a yet-to-be-identified evangelist, the aforementioned late preachers are being tormented in hell for the sins committed during their life.

In the one minute Video, the lady stated that Bishop Idahosa is being tormented in hellfire over the use of a neck chain despite his preaching against the use of pieces of jewelry.

The lady went on to state that, she saw the body of prophet TB Joshua and not his soul in Hell fire.

Late Prophet TB Joshua

These type of claims are not quite new in Nigeria, as people use this tactics of claiming to see some prominent men of God in hell fire to sell their CDs.

And from her claim, there is no way a body can be found in hell since it’s is the soul that goes to heaven or hell fire according to the Bible.

WaTch the video below:

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