‘I never Saw TB Joshua in hell It was a lie’ –Prophetess makes U-turn, Begs for Forgiveness (Video)

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Nigerian Prophetess, who in a viral video claimed to have been to heaven and hell and claimed to have seen Prophet TB Joshua, makes a U-turn on her claims as she declares that the information was a blatant lie.

This new revelation is coming days after the video of the preacher made waves across the internet space over her claims of seeing people being tortured in hell.

While Retracting her earlier claims, the prophetess stated to her congregation that the claim was not true; a lie which she made up from the pit of hell.

Read the original full text below:

“I told the church of Christ that I died and went to heaven and hell, that I saw the Lord Jesus Christ, Abraham, Mary. I also said I went to hell that I saw the devil and people being tortured. I am here to let you know that it was a lie from the pit of hell, it was not true, please forgive me.”

Watch the video below …

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