How Nigeria Failed To Protect Late Deborah Yakubu

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Three Days ago, Nigeria Failed to Protect a young lady Deborah Yakubu from the Ultraviolent Islamic Extremist group which rose like a phoenix from the pit of h!ll and devour a young, brilliant and hard working lady with bright and shining future.

Deborah, who until her gruesome cold mu*rder in the hands of the vi*lent Islamic mob was a 200- Level student of Home Economics at Shehu Shagari College of Education.


According to a source close to her, “she was having an argument with some of her schoolmates over their ongoing examination and when she was asked how she managed to pass her exams, she said it was Jesus.

“She was asked to withdraw the statement and apologize, which she refused.

“The school security intervened, took her to their post, but they were overpowered by students after which she was ki*led in the process.

“After ki$ling her, her remains was set ablaze and b$rnt beyond recognition in the school premises,” the source concluded.


As at the time of writing this report, the Nigerian police announced the arrest of just two out of many mob gang that ki*led the young lady and there is currently an ongoing protest from the general public in Sokoto state calling on the goverment to set free the arrested duo claiming, Deborah crossed the red line of Islam.

You may recall that k#lling of innocent Christians in northern Nigeria is nothing new as the ugly practice can be trace back to the 1980s where riots always occurs which on several occasions lead to many Christians loosing their lives in the process without the government taking no serious action.

‘May Nigeria not happen to you and your loved ones’ has been trending on social media due to the fact that many of the victims will never get the true justice as most of the leaders from the northern part of Nigeria are afraid of loosing their Supporters during voting in the general elections.


Lack of western education and extreme poverty are basically the two major causes of violence in the northern part of Nigeria as millions of children are currently out of school.

Most of the religious leaders in the Northern part of Nigeria has little or no formal education and they mostly tend to preach violence instead of peace.

The Nigerian law is often times useless in most part of the core north, as the use of sharia law is widely accepted in many states in the northern part of Nigeria.

As i end this article, I pray May Nigeria Never Happen to you and your Loved ones, Amen.

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