Drama on BBNaija as Maria Clashes Once More With Queen

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On Monday night, drama erupted when Queen, a recently introduced housemate, challenged Maria, the current Head of House, over her treatment of her.

The drama began when Queen informed Maria that she is aware of her dislike for her. This stems from their initial confrontation when she moved in.

On Monday night, however, while Maria was addressing the house as the new Head of House, both inmates let their feelings be known.

Queen had been told by Maria not to yell at her or the other housemates if she didn’t understand how things worked.

“Please don’t yell at me or anyone else next time, and I’m speaking to everyone personally. If you have no idea how things function.

Queen “Let me be clear: I’m not here to quarrel with you,” Maria stated.

“You don’t like me,” Queen responded. Even after my fight with you, Maria, I’ve been trying to be playful with you in my own tiny way, but you don’t respond. You were in my room the other day, and we were supposed to write a song together. I and Saskay were the only ones wearing sneakers, and since I believe appearances matter, I asked WhiteMoney, Pere, and you to do the same. Do you recall how you responded? You practically yelled at me. So I assumed it was because I had clashed with you as well.”

Maria, on the other hand, told Queen that she would be available to speak with her later in private if she wanted to reconcile their issues, but Queen, on the other hand, stated that she no longer wants to deal with Maria.

Queen said, “I can’t talk to you anymore, and please don’t put my name in your mouth again.”

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