8 Years After The Discovery of Soka Ibadan Forest of Death, No Justice

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Abakuda, a motocyclist, went missing in 2014 after dropping off a friend in the Soka district of Ibadan, Nigeria, only to be kidnapped and never seen alive again.

Mr. Abakuda

He was fortunate to have his phone with him when he was kidnapped and taken to the deep forest, where he immediately began calling his friends to let them know where he was. However, he ran out of luck when his phone battery died, and he was never rescued.

Despite the fact that Abakuda’s friends were unsuccessful in finding him alive, they were able to terminate the barbarous activities that had engulfed the Soka community for so long and free so many innocent individuals.

Abiola Ajumobi, the Oyo state governor in 2014, paid a visit to the scene of the tragedy and promised residents that those involved would be held accountable.

“Those behind this dastardly act will be punished by God. We too will punish them when we get them,” he said.

Some of the recued Victims of the Ibadan Forest of Sl$ughter

But, after eight years, there has been no further investigation, and everyone seemed to have moved on and forgotten the tragedy that occurred in Ibadan’s gloomy forest.

Many analysts believe that, based on the manner the government and other powerful people in position of authority handled the crisis, the government and other powerful members of society were completely involved in whatever was going on in that evil forest.

Because it’s clear that these powerful people in positions of authority are incapable of apprehending themselves, the entire story has to be abandoned in a cover up.

While we pray for the souls of all the innocent persons sl!ughtered in Ibadan’s forest to rest in peace, we should also call on the government to launch a new inquiry, so that those responsible for these crimes are brought to justice and the deceased’s souls can truly and finally rest in peace.

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